How Do You Find an Aquasource Faucet Part?


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One way to purchase an Aquasource faucet part is through the brand's online store. Information for individual parts can be read in greater detail on the Aquasource website, which recommends buying from the online store for convenience and possible coupon savings. The code on the package is needed to ensure the appropriate replacement part is purchased. This code can also be given to a home improvement store customer service representative.

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If buying the parts online, the customer can also find out which parts are needed without having to travel to a showroom. Other methods of buying new Aquasource parts are online auctions and personal advertising sites. Not all parts for all faucets are interchangeable, warns Aquasource's website. The company recommends using only the exact parts if a new one is needed. If one small part is damaged or needs replacing, Aquasource says it is cheaper to buy the one small part than buying combined parts, as most customers do not need to buy more than one new part at a time. Lowe's is a large seller of Aquasource products, and Aquasource is manufactured by Globe Union Industrial Group, which manufactures 10 brands of bathroom and kitchen hardware. Details about Aquasource's parts can be found on its official website.

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