What Are Some Apps for Identifying Plants?


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Apps for identifying plants include PlantSnapp, LikeThat Garden, Leafsnap, iPflanzen and Plantifier. Most apps use visual recognition software that helps identify plants and flowers from photographs, though some use other criteria.

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What Are Some Apps for Identifying Plants?
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PlantSnapp, only available on iOS, helps beginner gardeners who are interested in planting different varieties of plants that they do not recognize. After taking the photograph of the plant, the app works by identifying the plant and providing details of its name as well as planting and care information.

LikeThat Garden is also available only on iOS and helps identify the type of plant through photographs. Using this app is simple as it sifts through its database to find matches of the target plant. The app also lists similar-looking plants and with care information.

Leafsnap helps identify tree species by using photographs of their leaves. The app has excellent high-resolution images of bark, seeds, petiole, fruit, flowers and leaves, but as of 2015, the app only features trees of the Northeast and is only available for iOS.

IPflanzen uses criteria such as flower color or leaf shape to identify a plant, as opposed to using photographs. Related apps such as iForest and iGarten provide detailed information about plants. IForest is available for Android as well as iOS.

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