How Do You Appraise an Elvis Presley Record Collection?


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You can appraise an Elvis Presley record collection using a price guide, through a record store or by checking prices from online auctions. Using price guides is probably the easiest option, as the guides are readily available online.

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A price guide is a publication listing the market value of records. You can generally find price guides at book stores, online and at local libraries. To appraise each Elvis record in the collection, just look up the album in a price guide listing Elvis albums. The more current the price guide, the more accurate the appraisal. Online price guides exist that can often provide more up-to-date information, or that cover a broader range of albums.

Record stores that specialize in collector records can also provide appraisals. Free quotes are often available, though rare Elvis recordings may be harder to get a quote on unless the dealer is familiar with Elvis records in particular.

Online auction houses can provide the most up-to-date prices on the Elvis records. The most accessible auction house is eBay.com, but for rare recordings, you may need to try an auction house specializing in records or collectibles. Appraisal through an auction house can be inaccurate, as the available price from the last sale may be outdated.

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