How Do You Apply Wallpaper?


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To apply wallpaper, prepare the surface, wet the wallpaper, apply the first sheet, and align subsequent sheets. Trim the top and bottom edges. Wait a few minutes, and then use a seam roller to press the seams.

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  1. Prepare the surface

    Surfaces should be smooth and free of blemishes before applying wallpaper. Any imperfections in the wall are more likely to show through the paper than they do with paint.

  2. Wet the wallpaper

    Cut the length of wallpaper, and roll it with the adhesive facing the outside. Place the roll of wallpaper into the tray with warm water, and ensure all the bubbles escape. After about 15 seconds, slowly pull the wallpaper from the tray, wetting all the glue. Book the paper by folding it so the two ends meet at the center of the sheet, encasing the glue.

  3. Hang the first sheet

    Mark a horizontal line on the wall using a level. Unfold the paper, and align it with this line. Use a wallpaper brush to smooth the sheet with a wallpaper brush.

  4. Align the subsequent sheets

    Continue wetting, booking and hanging sheets aligned with the first one. Match the pattern of the wallpaper when hanging each sheet. Smooth with a brush. Use a wide straightedge to press the wallpaper into corners.

  5. Trim the edges

    Use a utility knife to trim excess paper from the top and bottom edges of the wall.

  6. Press the seams

    After the paper hangs for 15 minutes, use a seam roller to press the seams.

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