How Do You Apply a Textured Ceiling?

How Do You Apply a Textured Ceiling?

To apply a textured ceiling, tape the edges, cover the floors and walls with drop cloths, blend the paint with the texture mix, and pour the mixture into a hopper. Finish by carefully spraying the mixture onto the ceiling. Before applying the paint, repair any damage, and prime the area.

  1. Gather the supplies

    In addition to standard painting supplies, you also need a paint suit, protective glasses and a head sock. To be able to spray on the texture, rent a paint hopper and a compressor from a home improvement store.

  2. Prepare the ceiling

    With Spackle and a putty knife, fill any holes or cracks. Once the filler is dry, lightly sand down the surface, and wipe away the dust with a damp rag.

  3. Protect the walls and floors

    Since you are using a spray gun, apply painter's tape to the perimeter of the ceiling, and cover the walls and floor with drop clothes.

  4. Put on the protective gear

    Before painting a ceiling, put on the paint suit, glasses and a head sock.

  5. Prime the ceiling

    With a paint roller, apply one coat of primer. Let it dry.

  6. Mix the paint

    In a bucket, stir the paint and the ceiling texture until it reaches the consistency of a thick porridge.

  7. Spray on the paint

    Pour the paint and texture mixture into the hopper of the spray gun. Turn on the compressor, and carefully spray the paint onto the ceiling. Keep the wand moving to avoid applying too much texture in one spot. Apply a few light coats, and allow each one to dry.