How Do You Apply Synthetic Stucco?


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The steps to apply synthetic stucco include prepping the area, applying a base coat, installing a foam board, wrapping the foam board, applying a base coat and texturing. When synthetic stucco is applied correctly, the material is resistant to moisture and does not allow water to penetrate the siding. Installing synthetic stucco requires a drill, trowels, paddle mixer, plasterer's hock and synthetic stucco components.

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Prepping the area is the first step in the installation process, and it requires cleaning the designated area by removing items and debris from the work area. The next step is applying the base coat to the surface area using a pre-made base coat. After applying the base coat, the installer must install the foam board over the base coat. The foam board is 1 inch and provides depth to the finished stucco. When installing the foam board, the installer should use ceramic-coated screws and plastic washers.

After installing the foam board, the installer must wrap the foam board with plastic mesh. The mesh is used for a place to attach the final coating and for protection of the insulation. The coating mixture is applied to the foam board before installing the plastic mesh wrap, and the mesh must sit in the coating mixture overnight. After allowing the board to sit overnight, the installer must apply another base coat. It is best to trowel the base coat with a thickness of at least one-half inch before letting the board dry for an entire day. After the drying period, add a thin final coat using the trowel. The optional final step is to texture the finished product.

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