How Do You Apply Stucco Over Wood?


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According to Do It Yourself, stucco cannot be directly applied over wood; instead, the wood must first be covered in 15-pound roofing felt in order to withstand the weight of the mortar. Next, 17-gauge metal netting should be nailed to the roofing felt with galvanized nails. Finally, a scratch coat between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch thick is applied to the metal netting in the form of mortar mix.

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Approximately 48 hours is needed for the stucco to dry. The mortar requires additional moisture through this process, so a spray bottle is recommended to occasionally mist the surface. When the scratch coat is dry, the final coat is ready to be applied using a flat finishing trowel. Pigments must be completely stirred in with the mortar if color is desired for the end result. A plasterer's rake can be used to apply texture to the final coat. The final coat can be painted around six weeks following application. If stucco dries too quickly, it loses much of its structural strength. During the 1960s and 1970s, hard materials, such as glass, stone and marble, were applied directly to wet stucco, resulting in a hard, inflexible finish that is difficult to repair or modify.

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