How Do You Apply Step Covers?


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The process of installing carpeted step covers involves mounting the track strips, measuring and cutting the carpet, and then trimming the edges before attaching the covering to the stairs. Treads and other protective coverings can enhance the appearance of steps and ensure that stairs do not suffer from excessive wear and tear.

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Before beginning the installation process, thoroughly clean all surfaces to ensure they are free of debris. Fill any holes, scratches or damages surfaces with wood filler or epoxy. Use sandpaper on the filler once it dries to remove any excess material and ensure a smooth finish. Measure the steps, and mark the top center line with a pencil or carpenter's tape. Measure and cut any padding material to be placed underneath the step covers, and affix it to the underside of the carpet.

Install the track strips before laying the carpet over the stairs. Use staples or carpet tacks to attach the carpeting to the underside of the nosing of the treads, or lay the carpeting along the stairs, and tack it down along the rear edge of the tread where it meets the riser. Only use adhesives recommended by the carpet tread manufacturer, as other products may cause harm to the surface of the stairs or carpeted covering.

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