How Do You Apply Stain?


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The steps of applying stain to wood include testing the stain, sanding the wood surface, applying the first layer of stain, wiping the stain with a piece of cloth and protecting the stain. Wood stains are designed to boost the appearance of wood. The type of wood determines the type of stain to apply.

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Prior to starting the staining work, test the stain on a piece of wood to see the number of layers required for a particular wood. Apply one coat to a part of the wood, two coats on another section and three coats to another section. Determine the best number of coats to use after the coats dry.

Sand the wood to remove any debris before staining it. Apply the stain to the wood, brushing in the direction of the grain. Wear a respirator or mask for protection against the fumes, and ensure there is enough ventilation in the room. Use a rag to wipe the surface. If too much stain is applied, use a paint thinner to reduce the wood stain. The final step is to add a protectant to the stain. If an oil-based stain is used, use a few coats of polyurethane to protect the stained surface.

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