How Do You Apply Polyurethane on Wood Floors?

How Do You Apply Polyurethane on Wood Floors?

Apply several coats of polyurethane to a clean and stained wood floor with a lambswool applicator, scuffing with sandpaper in between each coat. Before applying polyurethane to a wood floor, clean the floors of all dust and debris and ventilate the work area.

Wear a face mask when working with polyurethane to reduce exposure to the fumes.

  1. Prepare the area
  2. Mask the baseboards with tape or remove it during the application process. If the floor is new, scuff it with sandpaper to increase adhesion of the polyurethane. If the floor is older, a floor sander can be used to remove the old floor coating. Place a fan in the room to help ventilate the area before beginning.

  3. Apply the polyurethane
  4. Use a lambswool applicator to apply the polyurethane. Apply in 3-foot sections with the grain and then use a mop to push back the polyurethane. Work in a pattern that ends at the exit door to the room.

  5. Sand the coating
  6. After the first coat is applied, allow it to dry completely and then use 120-grit sandpaper to scuff the floor before applying the next coat. Repeat the application and sanding process for three coats.

  7. Apply the final coat
  8. Apply the fourth and final coat in the same manner as the previous three coats. Allow the polyurethane to dry for 72 hours.