How Do You Apply Peel-and-Stick Wall Tiles?


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Apply peel-and-stick tiles by arranging them on a flat surface to plan their installation, preparing the wall surface, applying adhesive to the backs of the tiles and then placing them on the wall. Additional adhesive material, such as polyurethane construction adhesive, should be used to secure the tiles.

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Because peel-and-stick tiles can be difficult to remove, completely plan out how the tiles should be installed before putting them on the wall. Use a box cutter to cut holes for outlets or molding before installing the tiles during the planning phase.

Peel-and-stick tiles require a clean, smooth and level surface. Therefore, clean all surfaces thoroughly with warm, soapy water, and sand them smooth with fine-grained sandpaper before attempting to install the tiles. The best kinds of material to hold peel-and-stick tiles are drywall, plaster and glazed porcelain tile. Primer can also be applied to appropriate substrate material to ensure that the peel-and-stick tiles adhere properly to the wall.

Once the tile layout has been planned and the wall has been prepared, begin installing the peel-and-stick tiles one at a time. Remove the backing from each tile to expose the adhesive layer. Use five dots of extra adhesive material placed in the corners and center of each tile to secure it to the wall. Firmly press the tile against the wall, and immediately wipe away any excess adhesive from the edges.

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