How Do You Apply Lime Treatment to Your Lawn?


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Lime treatment is applied to a lawn using a rotary-style spreader or by hand if using ground limestone. Spinning and drop type spreaders also effectively spread the pellet form of limestone. Lime is applied in a pattern of intersecting lines across the lawn to ensure a complete treatment.

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Treating a lawn with lime should be carried out on a calm day with low winds. To ensure the lawn is fully covered with the lime, move in one direction while using half of the lime to treat the lawn and move in the opposite direction while administering the remaining lime onto the lawn.

A pH test kit is effective for testing the soil pH of a lawn to decide if a lime treatment would be of benefit. If the soil pH is too low for the type of grass growing in a particular area, lime treatment is often beneficial. Lime that is burned or hydrated can damage turfgrass and should not be used for treating this type of grass. Additionally, lime is harmful to plants that thrive in a lower soil pH such as rhododendrons, blueberries and azaleas.

Lime treatment is often very effective for rejuvenating areas of grass that are yellow, patchy or weed laden. Lime helps repair grass by restoring missing nutrients and a healthy pH. However, re-growing a lush lawn takes time and does not occur immediately.

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