How Do You Apply Faux Granite Finishing to Countertops?


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Applying faux granite finishing to a countertop involves cleaning the cabinet, protecting the working area from paint, smoothing the countertop surface, priming the surface, applying base color paint, applying granite accent color, applying a vein and glazing the surface. Sealing the surface with two coats of polyurethane completes the process. Be sure to protect one's eyes with safety goggles and ventilate the working area properly to prevent inhaling toxic fumes when performing this task.

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Start by clearing the countertop of any items before washing the countertop with soap, a sponge and warm water, taking care to remove all dirt. Rinse the countertop, blot it to remove excess water, and let dry. Protect the working area, including the floor and walls, by covering them using plastic painter's drop cloths. Using a fine grit sandpaper, sand the surface to make it smooth for proper adherence of the primer and paint. Wet a microfiber rag, and use the rag to clear the surface of the dust generated from sanding.

Using a paint roller, prime the entire cabinet surface with four coats, using a paint brush as needed to prime the crevices on the cabinet. Be sure to allow each coat to dry before applying the next one. Once the last coat dries, use another roller and brush to apply two coats of base color paint, allowing the surface to dry between the coats before pouring first and second granite accent colors to the surface. Using an artist brush, paint the surface with a white base color. Allow the surface to dry, and paint the surface with glaze finish using a paint roller before applying the sealant.

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