How to You Apply Fabulon Wood Floor Finish?


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Apply Fabulon wood floor finish using a polyurethane floor finish roller for most of the floor and a brush for the edges and corners. Apply finish in a repeating "W" pattern with the floor roller and a zigzag pattern when using the brush. Prevent a spotty or uneven finish by using a generous amount of Fabulon polyurethane floor finish.

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While a polyurethane floor roller superficially resembles a typical paint roller, it has several differences that make it more suitable for applying floor finishes. Polyurethane floor rollers are typically made of shed-resistant lamb's wool, which provides a more even finish than a paint roller. Floor rollers also have small plastic wheels on either side of the roller to prevent the roller material from losing its shape and applying an uneven finish.

If you manage to back yourself into a corner using the roller, simply roll against the grain of the floor until you are out of the corner.

Use progressively finer grades of sandpaper to sand in between coat applications. While the first coat may look rough, uneven and unprofessional, the second coat looks better, and by the third coat, the floor should have a professional finish. If the third coat does not produce an acceptable finish, use an even finer grade of sandpaper, and apply an additional coat.

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