How Do You Apply Drywall Primer?


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Apply drywall primer similar to how you apply paint by first using a brush to apply primer to joints, corners, seams and around trim, then using a roller to apply primer to all flat surfaces. Ensure complete coverage by applying one coat of primer using the roller, then applying another coat at right angles to the first one.

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Drywall primer seals in the porous paperboard surface used on most types of drywall and evens out the rough, inconsistent surface of newly installed drywall. Providing a smooth, consistent surface ensures that the final coats of paint adhere easily to the walls, and it also results in a more uniform finish by providing a single underlying tone. Priming drywall also provides a better surface upon which to apply wallpaper and makes that wallpaper easier to remove at a later time.

Drywall primer is more similar to carpenter's glue than most latex-based primers, making it more expensive. Because of its increased cost, some painters and general contractors avoid priming drywall and instead use two coats of paint. While this can produce adequate results at first, it produces a less consistent finish than priming and creates a poor substrate for future coats of paint.

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