How Do You Apply Drip Edge to a Roof?


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To apply drip edge to a roof, gather all the necessary tools and materials, and then install the drip edge along the eaves of the roof, add an underlayment under the drip edge (such as an ice-and-water barrier or felt paper), and install more drip edge along the gable end or roof wall. Required materials for applying drip edge to a roof include drip edge, roofing felt, ice-and-water barrier, roofing nails and staples.

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Before applying the drip edge, cut the corners on the edges of the gables and eave pieces to ensure a cleanly locking and well-fitting application. When installing the second piece of drip edge on the gable ends of the roof, be sure to secure it tightly with nails or staples so that any windblown rain or snow runs over the underlayment rather than spraying the sheathing. This second layer of drip edge keeps the ice-and-water barrier or felt paper from blowing off before the shingles have been installed.

To properly apply the drip edge and install the underlayment, use a hammer and stapler to secure the materials to the roof. Use a pair of tin snips to trim and taper the drip edge and underlayment to fit the roof.

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