How Do You Apply Chalk Paint?

How Do You Apply Chalk Paint?

To apply chalk paint, prime the surface, roll or brush on the chalkboard paint, allow the paint to dry, and apply additional coats as needed. Let the paint cure for three days before using the surface.

Like any type of paint, chalkboard paint requires a clean, smooth surface before application. Wipe the wall to remove any dirt, grease or other remnants that may keep the paint from sticking. Fill any cracks or holes in the wall before painting.

A coat of primer helps the chalkboard paint cover better. Tinted primer can help reduce the number of coats you need to fully cover the wall. When painting a surface other than wood or drywall, such as metal or plastic, use a primer designed for that material.

Stir the chalkboard paint gently before applying it to the wall. Stirring vigorously may cause the chalkboard paint to break down. A brush or short-nap roller works to apply the paint. If you use a roller, go over the surface in different directions for smooth coverage without lines.

You may need to apply two or three coats of the paint to get full coverage of the surface. Allow the paint to dry after each coat so you can see if you need another coat. Once the final coat cures for three days, hold a piece of chalk on its, side and rub it over the entire surface. Erase the chalk. This conditions the paint for regular use as a chalkboard.