How Do You Apply Behr Deckover?


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To apply Behr Deckover, you simply need to choose a color and use a 1/2-inch roller to apply the product, beginning with vertical areas such as rails and slats, and ending with flat surfaces such as flooring. The easy paint-on application method makes this product user-friendly and versatile.

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For optimal results, you should begin by prepping the deck: replace any unstable or damaged boards, filling cracks and holes with wood filler, and strip the existing finish to remove any traces of the prior finish. Likewise, you should also first clean the decking to remove mold and mildew before applying Behr's DeckOver coating.

After the existing surface has been repaired, cleaned and allowed to dry, you should begin by applying Behr DeckOver around the perimeter of the deck flooring and anywhere that a roller won't reach with a 2-inch brush. After pouring the DeckOver into a paint tray, or a 5-gallon bucket with a bucket grid, coat a roller with the product and apply it to the deck with smooth, even motions. According to Behr.com, working in 4-foot sections and only rolling onto new sections after the prior one is completely covered helps prevent lap marks. Once the first coat has been applied to the entire deck, let it dry for approximately five hours before applying a second coat to the deck.

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