What Are Some Applications for Fabral Metal Roofing?

What Are Some Applications for Fabral Metal Roofing?

The four chief structural applications listed by Fabral for its metal roofing products are architectural designs, post frame designs, light commercial structures, and residential homes. Fabral offers metal roofs in a variety of panel systems designed to meet consumer needs such as durability or energy savings.

Fabral offers four panel options for architectural roofing systems: standing seam, concealed fastener, exposed fastener and interior wall. Fabral can customize each of these panel types according to the needs of the architect responsible for planning the building in question.

Fabral's post frame roofing systems come in two options: standing seam panels and exposed fastener panels. These roofing materials are best suited to industrial and agricultural buildings with fixed frames.

Light commercial buildings, such as post frame agricultural buildings, are also limited to standing seam and exposed fastener panels. Fabral offers several different substrates and specifications unique to this segment of its market, however.

Fabral provides two separate types of standing seam metal panels for residential buildings: the Horizon S residential panel and SSR residential panel. The company designed these panels for different applications; the SSR panel is a classic all-weather roof material, while the Horizon S panel is designed for affordability and longevity in less challenging climates.