What Are Some Applications for a Battery Isolator Wiring Diagram?


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Applications for a battery isolator diagram include ways to attach the battery isolator to a car's audio system and to attach the wires of the isolator to a boat's starting system. Battery isolators can be configured in multiple ways.

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Battery isolator diagrams can teach how to attach a battery isolator to a car so to let the owner use radios, lights and other accessories without draining the main auto battery. Diagrams can also show how to use the switches on the isolator itself.

An example of a diagram for a typical battery isolator that has three connections, specifically two separate terminals and a common one, could show how to attach the isolator so it can start a boat's engine, illustrating how the common terminal is connected to the engine and the two separate terminals are connected to batteries.

There are several types of battery isolators. Some consist of just a basic switch system while others have several switches. Many marine battery isolators have a Perko switch. Battery isolator diagrams illustrate how to hook up the Perko switch and the isolator in different configurations that change how the battery isolator functions. Configurations for the battery isolator include making the isolator able to switch between two batteries, use multiple batteries at once or isolate batteries from each other.

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