What Appliances Does Goldstar Manufacture?


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From 1958 until the 1990s, South Korea's Goldstar brand offered radios, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning units. Coming out of the turbulent Korean War period, Goldstar was a major player in the postwar resurgence of East Asian manufacturing.

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In 1994, Goldstar was officially folded into the LG Electronics brand and continued manufacturing newer, more sophisticated versions of its established product line. Over the years, this manufacturer has consistently situated itself on the front line of technological innovation. In its washing machines, LG promotes Turbowash, a technology that purportedly reduces wash time by 20 minutes per each family-sized load. The company offers top-loading and front-loading washing machines in a variety of sizes.

Additionally, LG continues to develop a wide variety of kitchen appliances with technically sophisticated features. These include refrigerators with multiple doors and cooling spaces for easier access and organization. LG's electric oven range includes the largest single oven in the appliance industry, which features 6.3 cubic feet of capacity. In addition to electric ovens and ranges, LG offers modern takes on the gas-powered range.

LG's appliance innovations are in line with a corporate culture that has produced other types of innovative products. For example, LG was a mobile phone innovator and created the very first 60-inch plasma TV in the 1990s.

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