What Appliances Can You Place Under Your Cabinets?


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Typically, the range hood and microwave are installed underneath the cabinets, but special coffeemakers can also be mounted there. With enough space between the upper and lower cabinets, any small appliance can be installed under the cabinets with a custom shelf and brackets.

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Under-the-cabinet appliances save countertop space and help to organize a cluttered kitchen. Some microwave models have an optional mounting kit that can be purchased from the manufacturer. Other microwaves and appliances that are close in size, such as a toaster oven, can be installed under the cabinets with a third-party microwave shelf or brackets.

A range hood is an essential item that needs to be installed above a stove. It can be mounted to the cabinets or directly to the ceiling. Range hoods require an electrical connection and are made with or without vents. Vented hoods are more effective and extend up through the cabinet or back into the wall where they connect with the duct work. Vent-free hoods are only recommended if the location is not suitable for venting duct work to the outside.

For regular coffee drinkers with limited counter space, the coffeemaker is a good appliance to mount under the cabinets. RV coffeemakers or special space-saving models can be screwed to the underside of the upper cabinets.

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