What Appliance Stores Sell Dented Refrigerators?


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Dented refrigerators can be found at many major appliances stores, such as Lowe's, as well as through specialty outlet stores such as Sears Outlet. Dented refrigerators can also be found online through sites such as Open Box Direct and eBay.

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Many stores receive new appliances, such as refrigerators, which have experienced cosmetic damage during the shipping process but that are otherwise functional. Rather than dispose of the units, or sell them for full price regardless of their appearance, stores often sell them at a discounted rate, typically with the understanding that the buyer is unable to return the product due to its damage. Some stores feature a special clearance or "as-is" section dedicated exclusively to housing these products, while others only feature a small space where items are placed as they become available. Customers may need to ask a sales associate where to find these appliances when visiting a particular store.

It is important for anyone buying a dented or damaged refrigerator to inspect the unit thoroughly before making the purchase. While a unit may appear to only have a dent on an outside panel, it is possible for internal parts to become damaged or dislodged. Many stores test the products before placing them for sale, but it is best for the buyer to test it again in store to make sure the refrigerator works.

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