What Does an Apple Blossom Look Like?


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Apple blossom flowers are large and have many leaves. These flowers have five round cherry-pink petals that fade into white over the blossoming season from April to June. The petals of apple blossoms surround numerous sticky stamens that collect pollen at the center. The female ovaries at the bottom of the flower contain seeds that grow into fruit.

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The Apple Parer Museum states that apple blossoms have colorful flowers to attract pollinating insects. Apple seeds can grow into fruit only when pollinators cross-pollinate the pollen of apple blossoms with a different flower. Cross-pollination starts when a bee feeds on the nectar from an apple blossom's ovary. As it feeds, the insect collects pollen from the stamen and transfers it to the pistil of another flower. Pollen lands on the stigma, which is located at the top of the style, a tube that leads to the ovary.

Fertilization occurs when pollen reaches the ovary, and this causes the petals of the flower to fall off. As the ovary grows, its thin border becomes the apple’s core, and its outer layer becomes the apple’s skin. The dried out hairy parts at the bottom of the apple are the remnants of the apple blossom’s stamen and pistil.

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