How Do You Take Apart a Pallet to Use the Wood?


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To take apart a wooden pallet, place the pallet on the ground and find a part that seems loose. Wedge a pry bar between the loose pieces of wood. Move the tool to lift a piece of wood and further loosen it. Repeat this several times, and do the same thing with other wood pieces in the slat. Use a hammer to push the nails out from the other side, and repeat for the rest of the slats.

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How Do You Take Apart a Pallet to Use the Wood?
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To take apart a wooden pallet using a reciprocating saw, attach a metal-cutting 12-inch demolition blade. The small blade that comes with the saw is not strong enough for this task. Plug in the saw, and put on safety goggles, gloves, ear protectors and work clothes. Set the pallet up vertically and secure it, or lay it on some sturdy workbenches. Locate the two vertical pieces of wood on the pallet, which should have smaller horizontal slats nailed to them. Use the saw to cut between the two main pieces of wood, cutting away from your body. Cut down both sides of the vertical slats until the horizontal slats become loose. On the back of the pallet, cut between the wood where the frame pieces meet.

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