How Do You Take Apart a Couch?

apart-couch Credit: Hero Images/hero images/Getty Images

To take apart a couch, remove the cushions, remove the legs, remove the upholstery, detach the arms, and separate the seat from the back. Depending on the reason you're dismantling the couch and its construction, this task can be easy or challenging. Minimize the removal of the upholstery if you intend to reassemble the furniture.

Start by gathering a screwdriver, a pliers and a wrench. Once the necessary tools are in place, clear the couch of the cushions, turn it on its back to access the screws that attach the legs to the couch. Using the screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws. Detach the legs from the couch, and set them aside.

Once the legs are off, remove the staples that secure the upholstery onto the couch by pulling them off with the pliers. To access the framework, lift off the unstapled upholstery. Once the couch is free of the upholstery, wrench out the bolts that secure the arms in place, and detach the arms from the furniture. Locate the bolts that attach the back with the seat, and use the wrench to loosen and remove the bolts. Finally, pull apart the seat and the back to disconnect the two completely.