Is an Antique Rocking Horse Valuable?

The value of an antique rocking horse varies greatly depending on factors such as the horse's age and condition. However, a well-crafted horse in good condition can easily be worth more than $1,000.

When considering selling an antique rocking horse, it is important to decide whether you want to sell the horse in its current condition or if you'd prefer to restore it first. If the horse has a natural horsehair mane and tail, the hair has likely diminished greatly over the years, and new hair would make a world of difference. New paint can also help conceal any blemishes the horse might have gained over the years.

The amount an antique horse is worth also depends on its overall size. Larger horses are typically more expensive. They are also somewhat more difficult to find because collectors often don't have the room to store them.

Lastly, the manufacturer greatly impacts the price of an antique rocking horse. Sally's Rocking Horses advises that horses from makers such as Ayers and Lines consistently sell for large amounts of money. Some even sell for as much as $9,000. Therefore, it's vital to know the maker of your antique horse before you decide to sell.