How are antique inkwells used?


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An antique inkwell in good condition can be used for writing or creating artwork. Antique inkwells are mainly used for decorative purposes by people who enjoy collecting them as a hobby.

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Inkwells have been used for centuries for writing letters, creating ink drawings and recording human history. The design of inkwells evolved as writing became more widespread. Materials used to make inkwells include marble, metal, onyx, soapstone, glass, ceramics, wood, shells and plastics. Before the fountain pen debuted in the 19th century, inkwells were a part of everyday life.

The two types of antique inkwells available for collecting are decorative desk inkwells and portable inkwells. Decorative inkwells come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. They tend to have elaborate design details that are highly appealing to collectors. Portable inkwells are plainer in appearance. They were designed primarily to be easy to use while traveling. Antique inkwells can be found for sale at various online sites selling vintage items.

Antique inkwells are sometimes passed down to family members, but many inkwells are collected because of their intriguing designs. Inkwells are also appreciated by history buffs, because the inkwells were used for thousands of years to record countless successes and failures.

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