Do Antique Buyers Buy Silver Jewelry?

Do Antique Buyers Buy Silver Jewelry?

Many online and local antique buyers buy silver jewelry, and the best way to determine who is interested in purchasing the piece is by contacting these companies directly. Consult several buyers about the piece to determine which resource will offer the best deal.

While some antique items may seem worthless, there are many unconventional items that hold some value for collectors. Consider the following tips before throwing away seemingly worthless pieces:

Conduct research

Before selling any piece of jewelry, do some research first. Visit local antique dealers, contact online buyers and consult price lists. Do a little research from a large variety of sources before selling the item, and since the prices of antiques can change, determine the current rate for the items.

Perform a professional appraisal

If research has concluded that the item may be worth a large sum of money, consider paying for a professional appraisal on the item to get the best price.

Consider sale options

Local antique buyers, online buyers, auctions and local and online private-party sale sites are all potential options for selling antique jewelry and other collectibles. Keep in mind that many antique buyers can either buy the pieces or sell the pieces and keep a percentage of the sale, so consider these aspects when determining the best route to sell antique pieces.