How Do You Find Antique Bisque Figurines?

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Bisque figurines are defined by their bisque porcelain surface, which is unique from other porcelain surfaces because it is entirely white and unglazed. The bisque porcelain surface has a matte appearance, and it is typically textured to convey emotion and depth. It is primarily used for decorative items that do not need to be glazed for their protection.

In addition to small figurines, many other decorative pieces are created with this material, including sculptures and large reliefs of portraits or entire human figures. Many bisque figurines were made as blank slates for other painters and artists, who then took the figurines and added their own colors and tones to the figurine.

Bisque figurines first became popular during the later half of the Victorian era when they were being produced for decoration and hobbyists. Some antique varieties are sold as collectors' items and many modern renditions of bisque figurines are still sold to collectors and hobbyists.