What Are ANSI Flange Tables?


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An American National Standards Institute flange table is a chart that provides information about the flange and bolt sizes for various sizes of pipes manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards. A flange is a rim or collar used to strengthen or join pipes.

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An ANSI flange table indicates specific size information related to each group or set of pipes for which ANSI has established uniform standards. For example, it contains information such as the bolt diameter, circumference of the bolt hole, the number of bolts per flange, the outside pipe diameter and outside flange diameter. This information enables workers and consumers to select the proper flanges for the pipes they are using.

ANSI is responsible for establishing standards of uniform measurements to ensure functionality among different components and among manufacturers of particular equipment, as well as assuring consumer safety. ANSI has established several sets of standards for steel pipes, such as the outer diameter, inner diameter and thickness of walls.

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