What Is Anodized Cookware?


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Anodized cookware is aluminum cookware that has been subjected to an electrochemical process, which creates a thicker, harder coating over the aluminum that makes it no longer reactive. Anodized aluminum is generally preferred over normal aluminum cookware, which tends to give off aluminum particles during the cooking process.

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One of the major benefits of anodized aluminum is that it makes the surface of the cookware both scratch resistant and nonstick. Aluminum has long been popular for cookware due to its relatively low price and efficiency at conducting heat, but its highly reactive nature makes it a poor choice for most tasks unless it has been anodized. On the other hand, anodized aluminum is considered entirely safe and environmentally friendly, and it is becoming so popular among more health-conscious people.

To anodize the aluminum, it is first emerged in an acidic electrolyte bath and then subjected to an electrical current, which results in the creation of a layer of harder, more corrosion resistant aluminum oxide forming over the metal. While the resulting anodized aluminum is quite resistant to abrasion and corrosion, it should still only ever be washed by hand because washing it in a dishwasher can quickly ruin the aluminum oxide coating.

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