What Is an Angle Grinder Used For?

An angle grinder is a handheld tool that can be powered by small combustion engines, compressed air or electricity and is used with a number of attachments for polishing, cutting and grinding. Its name is derived from the fact that the mounting of the cutting head is done at an angle to the motor’s drive shaft.

Angle grinders are dangerous tools when handled carelessly, and a guard should be used when working with this tool. It should always be turned to the right position to protect the user from sparks. Every angle grinder is purchased with nuts, a set of tools and backing plates to change the disks and blades. Worn down disks can be used in angle grinders, but it is very dangerous because the recommended revolutions per minute will be exceeded. Among the set of tools is a spanner that is used to hold the shaft firmly so that it does not turn and another spanner used for moving the face nut.

This type of tool is used in almost all types of construction work, and the rescue services use it extensively for cutting steel. However, when used for this purpose, the angle grinder is air driven or driven by small combustion engines.