How Do You Anchor a Metal Swingset?

How Do You Anchor a Metal Swingset?

How Do You Anchor a Metal Swingset?

Anchoring a metal swing set begins with setting the constructed swing set on the area that you desire. Use a shovel to mark areas for digging holes for support posts, and dig square holes at the marked places. Make a concrete mixture, and fill the dug holes. Place each support post into the holes, and allow the concrete to dry before covering with soil.

  1. Set up the swing set

    After locating the best area for a swing set, mark the spots for support posts using a shovel. Dig square holes with an approximate depth of 1 foot at the marked places. Use a cordless drill to drill through both sides of each swing support base. These holes must be approximately one inch from the base of each support.

  2. Fill the holes with the concrete mixture

    Mix one bag of concrete using a shovel until you achieve an incredibly thick stew. Fill one inch of each hole with the concrete mixture before putting the support posts in the concrete mix. Slide a single carriage bolt into each drilled hole into the end of the support posts.

  3. Press the support posts into the concrete mix

    Press the support posts carefully into the concrete mix up to the level where it sinks blow the carriage bolt. Press the post deep enough to cover the carriage bolt, because the carriage bolt lodges into the concrete to support the swing set after it dries.