How Is Amish Wood Milk Used?


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Homeowners can use Amish Wood Milk to remove residue from wooden furniture. Amish Wood Milk is useful as a cleaning product but does not repair broken furniture. It is also useful for cleaning painted wood.

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Before using Amish Wood Milk to wipe down surfaces using a piece of cloth, it is necessary to shake the bottle. Afterwards, spray the liquid onto the cloth and begin to rub the furniture. When rubbing Amish Wood Milk onto the wood, it may be necessary to apply pressure.

In certain cases, furniture owners may find it necessary to apply Amish Wood Milk several times. The number of applications may correspond to the level of grim buildup on the wooden surface. When the product is rubbed onto old wooden furniture for the necessary amount of time, the wood will appear revitalized and new.

Amish Wood Milk is not an alternative to stripping and staining. "[Dan Kravitz] warns that it's not a magic formula that will make tired furniture instantly look like new," reports FOX 31 in Denver. Furthermore, the results become less noticeable as time goes by. After several hours, the drying process causes wood to lose some of its polish. By applying thinner, followed by a stain, consumers can improve the appearance.

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