How Does an Amish Wood Cookstove Work?


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An Amish cookstove features a fire box that contains a wood-burning fire similar to stoves used for heat. The difference is that the fire box in an Amish cookstove has an oven adjacent to it that is heated by the smoke and heat.

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The oven is designed for the heat and smoke to circulate around it before exiting the chimney. Amish cookstoves also offer owners the ability to heat their home and cook with the same appliance. Some cookstoves also heat water while they are in use. They are designed to hold the water or can be pumped to another reservoir somewhere else in the home.

People like Amish cookstoves for a variety of reasons, including the soothing pop and crackle of the wood as it burns. Others say that owning a cookstove helps them stay fit because it requires cutting, splitting and stacking wood. Some owners say they cook more with their wood stove.

Owners get to choose what kind of wood to use and appreciate the self-sufficiency that the stoves offer. They are particularly popular with people interested in homesteading or living off the grid. Virtually anything that can be cooked in a gas or electric stove can be cooked on a wood-burning cookstove.

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