What Are Some Ames Drywall Tools?


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Ames drywall tools include taping tools and flat boxes. Other drywall tools include nail spotters, pumps, tool handles and corner tools. Established in 1939, Ames Taping Tools offers drywall finishing equipment and contractor services, tool rentals, parts and repairs, financing for major purchases, and training and certification for drywall professionals.

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Ames Taping Tools has four proprietary automated taping tool systems: the New Bazooka Taper, the EasyClean Bazooka Automatic Taper, the Maxizooka Automatic Taper and the Minizooka Automatic Taper. The New Bazooka Taper accomplishes the same tasks as the company's traditional Bazooka Continuous Flow System developed with fluid equipment specialist Graco, but at a faster speed, higher efficiency and quality, and more comfortable ergonomic design. The EasyClean Bazooka Automatic Taper automatically and simultaneously dispenses the exact amount of tape and joint compound to all wallboard joints, such as interior and exterior corners and angles, ceiling joints, and horizontal and vertical joints. The Maxizooka Automatic Taper reaches heights of at least 12 feet, making it ideal for fire taping, while the compact Minizooka Automatic Taper is ideal for tasks in small spaces and scaffold work.

Ames Taping Tools carries four flat boxes: the New Flat Box, the Flat Box, and the proprietary flat boxes Power Assist Box and the EasyClean Flat Box, which differ in weight, mud capacity, settings, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning. The flat boxes apply joint compound over taped joints and feather the edges to leave the correct amounts of crown in the middle of joints that require little to no sanding.

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