What Are American Limoges?

American Limoges are Americanized versions of French-made Limoges ceramics that were made from the late 1800s to the early 20th century. American Limoges were primarily made by the Haviland company, who conducted significant research throughout the United States to determine which colors, styles and designs Americans preferred before it created its formal dinnerware sets.

American Limoges dinnerware was most popular in the United States from the mid-19th century until the Great Depression. Brides often received the dinnerware as wedding gifts and passed their sets down to their children as heirloom pieces.

American Limoges dinnerware was typically white with delicate floral patterns encircling all or part of the plates, cups, bowls, saucers, gravy bowls, and salt and pepper shakers. The company also released tankards, vases and serving trays that featured more elaborate designs than its tableware pieces.

Consumers can identify particular American Limoges pieces by several differing factory marks that the company emblazoned on the back of its dinnerware sets. However, some legitimate American Limoges companies did not mark all of their sets. In these cases, the quality of the decorations is often used by antiques experts to verify and date certain American Limoges pieces that were sold by businesses who ceased manufacturing the products.