What Amenities Are Included With a Listing for Furnished Rooms?


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Furnished apartments can vary in what they include depending on the landlord, but most common furniture includes a bed, dresser, sofa, table, refrigerator, microwave and television. Depending on the size, it may also include a dining room table, chairs, lamps and a desk.

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There are pros and cons to renting a furnished apartment. Furnished apartments are generally easier for people who move frequently. By renting a furnished apartment, frequent movers can save on the cost of moving large or bulky items. People who are renting their first apartment also benefit from renting furnished apartments by cutting down on initial moving costs. Furnished apartments are also an acceptable substitution to long-term hotel stays for people who travel frequently and want to feel more comfortable while they are away from their homes.

One of the most common drawbacks of renting a furnished apartment is the higher monthly rent and security deposit. Since the furniture is already chosen by the landlord, the renter’s choices are limited for interior decorating and maximizing space constraints. Rentals geared toward college students and frequent movers often have sturdier furniture that is not aesthetically pleasing. Furnished apartments are often hard to find as well, limiting the renter’s choices for location and cost.

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