How Do You Get an Amaryllis Plant to Flower?


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Trick the amaryllis into flowering by putting it in a cool, dry location for 8 to 10 weeks and then moving it into sunlight for about 3 more weeks. Water the soil enough to keep it moist during the growing period.

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How Do You Get an Amaryllis Plant to Flower?
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The amaryllis is a tropical flower popular as a holiday plant during cold weather. Most people purchase this plant while it is already blooming, but it is possible to encourage last year's bulb to bloom again with the right treatment.

  1. Trim the stems
  2. After the last bloom has faded, cut the flower stalks near the top of the bulb. Keep the plant in sunlight for a few months while watering regularly and fertilizing once a month.

  3. Create a dormant period
  4. Send the bulb into a dormant period by placing the bulb in a cool, dry location. Remove the bulb from the soil. It isn't necessary to trim the leaves since most will naturally wither and fall off. The cool location should be about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It will take about 8 to 10 weeks for new shoots to start growing from the bulb.

  5. Replant the bulb
  6. Put the amaryllis bulb back into the soil with about the top third of the bulb peaking up out of the dirt. Place the plant in a warm, sunny location between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Water it lightly for the next 3 weeks while it grows. Once a bloom appears, move the plant to a spot that is cooler with indirect light.

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