How Does an Amana Packaged Heat Pump Work?


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An Amana packaged heat pump uses electricity as the primary energy source to transfer heat between the interior and exterior portions of a home. Heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling by removing heat or cold air from inside the home to the exterior.

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Amana packaged heat pumps are all-in-one systems that sit on the rooftop or ground outside the building to supply both heating and cooling to the interior. The pump technology utilizes air from outside to cool or heat the home while transferring hot air from the home during warmer months and cool air from the home during cooler months to provide desired temperatures indoors.

Instead of purchasing a furnace to heat the home and an air conditioning unit to cool the home, many homeowners opt for packaged heat pumps that accomplish both tasks. The split-system unit is often ideal for individuals with limited space to store a furnace and air conditioner. Amana packed heat pumps are also energy-efficient, featuring 80 percent heating performance on gas and electric units, as of 2015.

Heat pumps often produce cleaner air, too. As the system draws air out of rooms in the home through air ducts, airborne particles such as lint and dust are removed from the environment. Filtered, clean air is then circulated back into the home.

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