What Is an Amana Downdraft Gas Range?


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An Amana downdraft gas range is an indoor appliance manufactured by Amana that uses a fan-powered downdraft system to suck out odor, smoke and grease downwards through a vent system. Downdraft gas ranges work well in homes and businesses without the capability to use an overhead exhaust system.

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Downdraft gas ranges replace range hood exhaust vents and instead use an internal blower unit located below the burners or within cabinets below the range. The blower unit circulates a downdraft that runs from the top of the stove to the exterior portion of the home or business. The blower and motor are typically located in the cabinet or floorboard to reduce the noise level from the fan.

Downdraft gas ranges must be calibrated to ensure the blower unit does not extinguish gas flames while drawing out airborne grease, fumes and steam stemmed from cooking on the range top. Some Amana downdraft gas ranges have automatic ventilation, while other units have a manual switch that turns the blower unit on and off.

The size of the downdraft system relies on the size of the gas range chosen by the purchaser or installer. A bigger-size gas range top needs a larger exhaust system to eliminate heavy grease fumes, while smaller ranges have vents closer to the surface of the cook top.

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