How Do Amana Air Conditioners Compare to Other Air Conditioners?


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Amana central air conditioners are often less expensive than competitors, but they are not as energy-efficient as other units according to consumer product review site Consumersearch. In addition, Amana air conditioning units tend to be less reliable than products from other companies, but have strong warranties.

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Amana air conditioning units for central air conditioning are often significantly cheaper at purchase than other units; for example, wholesale prices for the company's ASXC18 line of units as of 2015 range between $2,300 and $3,300 depending on the size of the unit. This is considerably lower than the cost of comparable models from other brands, as reported by Consumersearch. However, the low energy efficiency of Amana units often disqualifies them from government energy efficiency tax credits. The savings from the low initial investment in purchasing an Amana air conditioner may also depreciate over time due to the long-term costs of higher energy consumption, especially in areas with high electricity prices.

Reliability for Amana air conditioners is not as good as for other brands. While most air conditioner brands have service rates between 11 and 13 percent, approximately 17 percent of Amana central air units require repairs at some point during their service lives. Amana does provide a very strong warranty on its units, with 10 years limited warranty on parts and a lifetime limited warranty on the compressors in its air conditioners.

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