What Are Some Aluminum Porch Column Designs?


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Aluminium porch column designs include round fluted, square fluted, square smooth and square panel columns. Aluminium porch column designs are preferred because they are durable, strong, easy to assemble and install. Moreover, they give a porch a great finish and also contribute to the aesthetic value of the house or building. Aluminium columns give a house or building an elegant look coupled with low maintenance costs.

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Round fluted aluminium columns are made from aluminium alloy, thus making them strong and durable. They are mainly used to recreate the old Roman look. Round fluted aluminium columns can be load-bearing or non-load bearing columns.

Square fluted aluminium columns are used to give a home a warm look. Just like the round fluted columns, they are made of aluminium alloy but are associated with modern architectural designs. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor application. Square smooth aluminium columns are preferred in dusty areas, because they are easy to clean. The dust is not trapped in any part of the column. On the other hand, dust can get trapped in the troughs of fluted columns. Square panel columns are used to complement contemporary house designs. Additionally, the columns also serve as excellent lampshade stands.

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