Why Does the Alpine Evaporative Cooler Not Cool?


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The most common reasons for evaporative coolers such as the Alpine evaporative cooler to fail to provide adequate cooling are inadequate water in the cooling pads or inadequate airflow to the device. High humidity in the air also makes evaporative coolers less effective.

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The Alpine evaporative cooler operates due to the unit's fan blowing hot air from the interior of a structure through a pad of material soaked with water, cooling the interior of the structure due to evaporation of the water. Therefore, inadequate amounts of water in the pad reduce the cooling power of the appliance considerably. This is most commonly due to inadequate water levels in the evaporative cooler's tank, so refilling the cooler's tank is the best first step in troubleshooting. If the tank is full but cooling is still inadequate, there may be a fault with the pad itself or with the unit's water pump.

Evaporative coolers also rely on adequate airflow to and from the device to ensure sufficient evaporation and cooling. Insuring that the vents on both the outside and the inside of the device are clear of obstructions can often resolve issues with inadequate cooling. The Alpine evaporative cooler's fans may be faulty If the vents are unobstructed but exhaust from the cooler remains weak.

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