What Are Allister Garage Door Openers?


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Allister garage door openers are remotes used to open Allister and Allstar brand garage doors. Allister remotes are being phased out as newer universal remotes enter the marketplace.

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Garage door openers use a radio frequency between the remote control transmitter, keypad and receiver. The first technology of this kind is traced back to World War II's remote bomb detonators. The first garage door openers experienced difficulties because one remote worked for every garage, resulting in multiple doors opening at the same time. This is when the industry began using radio frequencies. The early stages of garage door openers were not designed with security in mind, and thieves were able to easily break in to garages. The industry came up with a system of codes that regenerated with each remote use, and garage doors became more secure. The most common radio frequencies used today are 318 MHZ in the United States and 288 MHZ in Canada. Today's garage door openers include several additional features. There is a key light on the remote plus automatic courtesy lights that turn on when the door opens and automatically turn off after a preset time. There is also a remote lockout feature, which turns off the radio receiver while the homeowner is away for an extended time.

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