How Is the Alive Air Purifier Different From Other Air Purifiers?


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The Alive air purifier differs from other models of air purifiers in that it includes multiple air filtering and cleaning mechanisms, such as HEPA filtering, UV light cleansers and ion filters, that others do not. It also offers features such as a timer and washable filters.

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Most air purifiers include a single phase or dual phase cleaning process, in which the air that passes through the device is filtered by one or two mechanisms, respectively. In the Alive air purifier, air is passed through seven different phases of cleaning.

First a pre-filter catches hair and large particles in the air, and then a HEPA filter removes pollen, smaller pet hair and dust. After that, an ionic filter extracts pollutants and improves breathability. Next, a UV light working in conjunction with a Tio2 filter — similar to what's used in hospitals — kills germs and mold in the air. Finally, air passes through an electrostatic filter to capture soot and smoke and then a carbon filter to trap gases and unpleasant odors.

Other features that set the Alive air purifier apart form other air purifiers are washable and reusable filters, a timer that lets users automatically turn the filter on and off, and a dust sensor.

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