What Is an Alien Bees Studio Lighting Kit?


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AlienBees studio lighting kits are professionally designed photography kits for beginning and experienced photographers. The kits are designed and sold by Paul C. Buff, Inc. The AlienBees beginners kit teaches beginning photographers how to correctly set up and position lighting, including synchronizing it with a digital camera. This kit includes a flash unit, a 10-foot general purpose lighting stand, a white PLM, black outer cover and single light carrying bag.

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AlienBees lighting kits are designed to appeal to young, eager and hip photographers seeking lower-cost, quality lighting for photography projects. The Paul C. Buff Company marketed the brand as a cool alternative to other products. One feature that makes AlienBees kits unique is the color choices. In addition to deep space black, flash units come in bold alien green, mellow yellow, Martian pink and other fun colors.

AlienBees lighting kits are also popular among experienced studio photographers. There is an expansive AlienBees professional kit that includes three flash units, a transmitter, receiver and honeycomb grid. This kit is ideal for shooting baby portraits, head shots, family portraits and weddings. The popularity of AlienBees lighting kits has helped the Paul C. Buff Company earn a healthy 60 percent share of the market for photography lighting.

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