What Are Algae Tablets for Central Air Conditioners?


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Air conditioner algae tablets are a product that contains a biocide that treats the water within the unit to prevent algae from growing inside the drain pan and condensation lines. There are many different algae tablet products available from retailers such as Amazon and The Home Depot.

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As an air conditioner runs, condensation inevitably builds up within the unit as it converts the outside hot air into cooler air. Under normal circumstances, this water is drained away from the unit through condensation lines. However, when algae begins to grow, it can clog the condensation lines and cause water to back up and eventually overflow into the home.

If the air conditioner contains a drain pan, the algae tablets should be placed directly in the pan, which helps to treat the water before it enters the condensation lines. If the unit does not have a drain pan, the algae tablets can be put straight into the condensation line. In most cases, the algae tablets should be replaced approximately every six months. In addition to using either algae tablets or algae strips, some people also recommend pouring bleach or a liquid algae killer directly into the unit's pump or drain lines to further prevent algae growth.

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