What Is an Airtronic Diesel Heater?

What Is an Airtronic Diesel Heater?

Airtronic diesel heaters are a line of four models that are manufactured by Eberspacher and used as air heating systems. They are typically installed in small interior vehicle spaces, such as in recreational vehicles and campers.

Airtronic's line of diesel air heaters heats interior or exterior air without mixing exhaust. This makes these units safe to use in small spaces. The heat output varies by model, ranging from 850 to 8,000 watts.

The heating cycle works by first initiating the burner motor, pre-ventilating the combustion chamber and warming the glow plug. The fuel metering pump begins to move fuel into the combustion space. It mixes with air provided by a separate combustion air inlet, which is then ignited by the glow plug. This warms the heat exchanger coils.

As internal combustion occurs, an impeller pumps air in from the interior space or from outside fresh air. This air is blown over the heat exchanger unit, warming it before it is blown into the room. A separate combustion chamber outlet vents exhaust to the exterior of the camper or vehicle.

In addition to the four diesel models, Airtronic also manufactures a gasoline-based unit. Labeled the B4, it has a heat output ranging from 1,300 watts on low mode to 3,800 watts on power mode. The fuel and electricity consumption of the unit increases by several factors, depending on the intensity of the control mode selected.